Kanaloa Kid

Lost Canteen Collection
This ancient, royal pirate vessel is the perfect drinking companion whether you’re hunkered down in your own tiki lair or venturing out on an expedition blazing your own Tiki Trail. This captain sized mug holds up to 32 oz of your favorite grog, making it the perfect accessory for your tiki adventures.
Tikicomber ConnectionThe mug’s Compass Rose features a Maori Wind God with a “Mouth of Truth” once believed to discern whether someone was telling the truth. Woe be to he who did not as they were sure to lose a finger!
Connect the enchanted jewel on the Compass Rose face to your Tikicomber app and add to your crew with ease.
Each mug comes with a unique Tikicomber promo code that you can use to share and show off your pirate’s treasure in new and exciting ways.

And, you'll get the recipe for the Dela's Haven, the cocktail with a history and crafted especially for the Lost Canteen of the Kanaloa Kid.
We’ve uncovered some very special versions of the Lost Canteen. Find one that suits the pirate in you!