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For everyone who hears the calling of the tiki. Whether you want to host a backyard luau, discover some new drinks, find a cool tiki bar, or create your own home tiki, the Tiki Trail is the place to get your tiki on! 

No matter if you are a tiki newbie or a seasoned tiki-phile, or maybe a parrothead, a beach bum, or just love an exotic drink in a great setting, the Tiki Trail can help you plan your journey. From tiki bars, restaurants and events, to tiki themed clothing, designs and decorations, to tiki artists, vendors and marketplaces, this is where tiki meets tiki. Making this, quite frankly, the biggest tiki crawl in the world!

It started in the middle of the Pacific Ocean hundreds of years ago as a way of life. Then in the middle of the last century it migrated to California and, as visions - and drinks - of a tropical island paradise began to permeate the culture, it spread across the country. Now, as more people look to craft cocktails to satisfy sophisticated palettes, tiki - and the culture that delivers those amazing libations - is enjoying a revival and is once again going worldwide! 

So what has been a robust subculture is now growing ever more back into the mainstream. You will find tiki bars and events around the world, growing beyond LA and San Francisco to reach into Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, and Southern Florida. And it doesn’t stop there - Barcelona, Paris, London, the Far East… it truly is a global movement.

That is why the Tiki Trail was born - to help people navigate the word of tiki! The Tiki Trail will provide you with the tips, resources and connections for your own personal tiki journey.

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