The Enchanted Tiki Trail Mug

Introducing The World’s First Interactive Tiki Mug!!! Outline Island designed our very first Tiki Trail mug and knocked it out of the park! Then we took his killer design and changed the game for tiki mugs!

Enchanted Tiki Trail Mug

You see this is an enchanted tiki mug with special powers! With a simple tap from your phone you’ll be able to check into a tiki bar, record your tiki cocktails, capture the bartender making your drink, connect with friends and more, all within the new Tikicomber app!  

This mug will surely become your trusty companion when you are out blazing your very own Tiki Trail!

Enchanted Tiki Trail Mug   Enchanted Tiki Trail Mug   Enchanted Tiki Trail Mug

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