The Legend of the Kanaloa Kid

Kanaloa Kid

The Kanaloa Kid was the original Paradise Bootlegger. A Privateer of the Pacific, he was considered the Robin Hood of the South Seas. He championed local islanders who were often at odds with the new world - Spanish colonialism, British capitalism, and the rogue lawlessness of Sea Pirates. The Kanaloa Kid stood up for the vulnerable - righting wrongs and returning ill-gotten goods back to their rightful owners.


By his side was an ancient canteen adorned with an enchanted jewel thought to have been possessed by protective spirits.  It is believed these spirits provided keen insight and helped to ensure safe passage for the Kanaloa Kid throughout his travels.


On one side of the canteen bears the image of the sea god Oceanus who granted the Kid safe passage across his open waters. The other side of this charmed vessel features an ancient Maori wind god within a compass rose. This provided the Kanaloa Kid swift transport in the direction of his journey. This carving also features the Mouth of Truth, thought to provide the Kanaloa Kid insight into the truthfulness of those he encountered. 


The canteen disappeared upon the Kanaloa Kid’s death adding to the fabled vessel’s mystery. A recent Tiki Trail expedition to Outline Island unearthed this relic from the past. An incredible find, it was thought to be so lost that no one ever spoke of it again.


Now whoever possesses the Lost Canteen of the Kanaloa Kid is believed to be protected by the spirits of adventure, ensured of safe travels wherever they may wander, and always protected in their own Tiki Trail expeditions.