Tiki Bars


With all due respect to WC Fields who chose a saloon, "If I had to live my life over, I'd live over a tiki bar!" So what do we look for when we hit up a tiki bar? For us, creating that perfect escape really boils down to some key ingredients:
Decor:  Immediately takes you away from the outside world! And the more flotsam and jetsam the better!  
Drinks: Classics like Mai Tai’s, Scorpion Bowls etc., as well as updated riffs on the classics and new concoctions from the bartenders themselves. 
Music: Boy is this wide open to interpretation! What ever sets that tiki mood, be it island, exotica, hula billy, surf guitar, rockabilly, mid-century,  reggae, calypso, Cuban, Hawaiian contemporary, and so on.  
SWAG: Added bonus here are the mugs and t-shirts to collect and carry your tiki-ness to the greater outside world!
Food: While tiki bars weren’t really about the food, with all that booze, it’s best if there is good grub available! 
Vibe: This is the most important ingredient! Gotta be chill with a combination of aloha spirit and ohana warmth.