The Hukilau 2019, Ft Lauderdale, FL. June 5-9

By Jeff Ballard

The Hukilau 2019, Ft Lauderdale, FL. June 5-9

We are quickly coming up on what I call "Tiki Season”. It generally kicks off with Tiki Caliente in May and concludes with Tiki Oasis in August. This year Tiki O has expanded to Phoenix in April and there are a few other events after Tiki Oasis. Sandwiched right there in the middle of it all is one of the longer running events, The Hukilau in Ft Lauderdale, FL, this year June 5-9. I have been to a number of tiki events, but this one I refer to as the Goldilocks of the Tiki events. While some events are smaller and others may be bigger, the Hukilau is just right. The right number of people - for both the event and the space.  
After overcoming their own version of East Coast tiki drama, Richard Oneslger and the Hukilau team have assembled a world class event that definitely should not be missed. They fill the extended weekend with all things related to tiki, from mermaids and burlesque shows to music and symposiums, as well as a full tiki market of artists, rums, and others providing an array of flotsam and jetsam to fill your tiki life long after the event. And this year there will be room parties for an additional event experience!
Tiki Trail Hukilau Ian Burrell Lemon Hart Rum          Tiki Trail Hukilau Tiki Tiki Tar
As always, the year’s Hukilau will feature some of the best tiki and craft cocktail bars from around the world. This will be your chance to check out the drinks and bartenders from some of the greatest bars and bartenders. This year’s event will feature the host bar, Ft Lauderdale’s own Mai Kai, as well as some of the best tiki bars in the world, including: 
  • Dirty Dick (Paris)
  • Trailer Happiness (London)
  • Three Dots & a Dash (Chicago)
  • Undertow (Phoenix)
  • Zombie Village (San Francisco)
  • Pagan Idol (San Francisco)
  • Hale Pele (Portland)
  • Death of Glory (Delray Beach, FL)
  • 4 Kahunas (Arlington, TX)
  • Foundation (Milwaukee)
  • And many more to tried and tasted!
Once again we will be setting up camp on the Tiki Trail at the Hukilau, If you are going to be there, make sure to look for us as we will be videoing, photographing the sights and sounds of the event. And of course we’ll be interviewing the people - the bartenders, artists, vendors and staff - that make this one of the best tiki events in the world! We’d love to chat with you, too!  
And if for some silly reason you decide to forego one of the best tiki events in the country, then make sure to check us out as we will be broadcasting live and posting all 5 days!
Check out our home page for details on where we will be when during the five day tiki fest.
And for more information on the Hukilau, and to get tickets, go to And you can check out their Facebook page at 


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