Tiki Caliente 2019, Palm Springs, CA

By Jeff Ballard

Tiki Caliente 2019, Palm Springs, CA

So another Tiki Caliente is in the books! And I gotta say this year’s event had the absolute best weather of any Tiki Client ever! A slight cooling trend hit Palm Springs keeping the temps in the 70’s and low 80’s most of the weekend - no blistering heat for a change! 
But while the weather was cooler, the event itself was a hot as ever! As is usual, 600 people made the trek to the unofficial kick off to what I call ‘Tiki Season’. Rory Snyder and his team pulled together an awesome collection of bands, speakers, drinks, room parties, vendors and attendees, making for a fantastic Tiki Caliente 11 and an awesome launch to the 2019 tiki season!
Among the highlights: 
  • The Martini Kings on Thursday night 
  • Tikitronic with 2 killer performances
  • 'Elvis' made an appearance
  • Yachty by Nature - controversial to have Yacht Rock at a tiki event, but it is Rory’s prerogative and the band showed he knows what he’s doing when it comes to throwing a great bash. They rocked the pool well into the night with everyone having a lot of fun to those old 70’s tunes
  • Room parties - if you were lucky enough to get into the Ventiki room party you witnessed something truly epic with their Intoxicano

If you missed out on the summer version of Tiki Caliente, do not worry, Rory Snyder has decided one Tiki Caliente a year is NOT enough! He is rebranding his Circa Caliente event to Tiki Caliente 11.5!


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