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The Hukilau 2017 Kicks Off in Ft lauderdale!

Wednesday night, June 7.  The Hukilau in Ft Lauderdale, Fl, kicks off in grand style with a pre-party at the World Famous Mai Kai. The place was filled, not packed like it was for the 60th anniversary, so that was good! 

Hukilau 2017 Kicks off with a Pre-party at the Mai Kai

  MeduSirena Marina, the Tiki Trail's official mermaid!


From the Mai Kai, the evening went on to the MeduSirena Marina Mermaid show at The Wreck Bar. The show was pretty dang cool! And if you have not seen one, they are pretty fun!

The Wreck Bar Mermaid Show

The show this night was a campy, burlesque tribute to Jubilee, the long-running Bob Mack Las Vegas show that recently ended. MeduSerina was joined by her very aptly skilled aquatic performers. This was a hell of a show. And if you are ever in Ft Lauderdale this show is a must! The whole experience is exactly what you have seen in the old movies and great fun!

On the Tiki Trail with MeduSerina Marina Mermaid Show at the Hukilau  On the Tiki Trail with MeduSerina Marina Mermaid Show at the Hukilau  On the Tiki Trail with MeduSerina Marina Mermaid Show at the Hukilau

 Make sure to checkout our interview with MeduSerina Marina to learn more about this amazing, all-go mermaid... er, I mean woman! ;) 

Look for updates and links to photos, interviews and video from this historic annual event!  

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Thursday June 8. The first full day of Hukilau and things got off to a great start - in spite of the rain! As a first timer I appreciated the welcome reception for all us Hukilau newbies. Got a chance to meet some cool folks from a number of places around the country. Was actually quite surprised at the number of people coming from all over the country - and even around the world!

After the reception it was time to head upstairs for the Tiki Takeover on the top floor of the hotel. Here we got to experience drinks from tiki bars from around the world. Three Dots and a Dash from Chicago and Slowly Shirley from New York were joined by Dirty Dick out of Paris and the NU Lounge from Bologna, Italy. Let me tell you THAT was some serious world competition there! For me, I think the Dirty Dick had the best of the group, which was surprising because I am not a cucumber drink guy. But this was great. Hoping to meet up with Scotty Schuder of Dirty Dick and chat - so keep an eye on the Tiki Trail FB page for that interview!

World-class Tiki Trail Outpost Dirty Dick (Paris) mixes it up at the Hukilau  World-class Tiki Trail outpost Nu Lounge (Bologna, Italy) showing Italians know how to tiki!  New York's Slowly Shirley at the Hukilau, showing they belong on the Tiki Trail!


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