Tiki Caliente - Palm Springs, CA

By Jeff Ballard

Tiki Caliente - Palm Springs, CA

Caliente Tropics in Palm Springs, CA hosts Tiki Caliente 9

Opening Day!

Tiki Caliente 9 kicked off yesterday in Palm Springs, CA at the Caliente Tropics Resort. This three-day festival of tiki is quite an extravaganza put on by Rory Snyder. As a first time attendee to the event I didn't know what to expect. Had been to Tiki Oasis, but never this one. 

 From the start I could tell it's be a bit different! First of all it was not crowded - and that is by design. Only 600 wristbands are offered, so if you want to come next year keep an eye out on the website! The Caliente Tropics is a pretty chill place. It's basically a souped up motel that is all tiki'ed out and a very apt setting for the event.

Caliente Tropics

And the best part of the event is the people. Definitely a pretty relaxed, friendly and fun group of people! But rather than me blabbing on and on about it check out the live feed, photos, interviews and more on the Tiki Trail Facebook page. Believe me, I am hard at work on this reporting thing...

Taste testing the goods at Tiki Caliente!




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