Tiki Trail Launch party at the Royal Hawaiian in Laguna Beach, CA

By Jeff Ballard

Royal Hawaiian Tiki Bar laguna Beach, CA

Last night we kicked off the very first Tiki Trail event in Laguna Beach, CA! We had 18 or so tiki peeps! Experience range from tiki elders to tiki tenderfoots which made for great conversations about the history of tiki, tales form the original Royal Hawaiian, and how to focus your tiki collection! A great time was had by all. And if you get the chance, you should definitely get yourself to the Royal Hawaiian. They were extremely hospitable and rate pretty highly across the board:

Drinks - 5. Royal Hawaiian was known for its Lapu Lapu and this new incarnation surely does not disappoint on this classic! And they have a great mix of classic tiki drinks and their own special concoction. In addition to the Lapu Lapu I had the 3 Miles to Mexico! As one who loves tequila and spice, this was right up my alley!

Food - 5. Having been there twice I have had the chance to sample a few things form the menu. Awesome is the word! And even here they kept to the island feel!

Decor - 5. They have maintained a commitment to the tradition of the Royal Hawaiian with a modern twist very nicely. Personally, I like the old school vibe, but this is Laguna Beach, after all. It's gotta be hip and cool. There is plenty of awesome bamboo work, pufferfish lamps and other elements to make it a nice albeit upscale tiki feel

Music - 3. OK, here it got a bit weird. The music I did notice was not really conducive to a tiki environment. I would like to have had some more polynesian themed music. Being in Laguna Beach, they could go with some nice exotica! That being said, it wasn't loud enough to really detract from the scene. Just would have been better if it added to the scene

Swag - 4. They have their own personal mugs in development and should be here
around the end of January. That being said they do have mugs for sale and a nice RH t-shirt. And I have to say, they have one of the coolest swizzle sticks I have ever seen!

Royal Hawaiian swizzle sticks are the best!


Aloha - 5. They are nothing if not extremely friendly, inviting, and knowledgable about the tiki culture. The staff are great and the overall feel is definitely very tiki. I love this place. 

Overall they get a 3.6 rating so add it to your must see list!


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